The Plans Are Here! The Plans Are Here!

It seems so much more "real" now the plans and drawings are finished. Above, you see the drawing of the storefront. In all fairness, we won't have tables out but I love the airiness.

As you enter the store (through what is now the ugly plastic garage door), you will see just a little bit of style with reclaimed wood partitions and you will sigh, "ahhh, this is not your typical convenience market." Did you know that the first 20 ft of a market is called the "decompression chamber." Well, here it really will be.

This shows the view down the center aisle to the back where the frozen and refrigerated cases are. The deli and prepared foods are to your left and there is more shelving niches carved out of the wall on the right.

Now, you are in the back of the store looking to the front but focusing toward the deli and prepared food wall. They have used corrugated metal and reclaimed wood throughout for a modern, simple look for not much money. Up in the back above the entrance to the store, you'll see the office loft. Again, love the airiness! The wood and beams of the roof are exposed along with the ductwork for that simple, modern and cheap that I asked for. Nowhere in Chestnut Hill will you feel so open and not claustrophobic.

So, there it is. What do you think?

Derby Basket for Chestnut Hill Historical Society

Adam and I had such a fun time at the Chestnut Hill Historical Society's Spring Derby Event last night. We were thrilled to see so much interest in the new store and the gift basket that we donated for the raffle. It was such a fun basket to make with silver-plated mint julep cups and miniature roses, Kentucky honey, bourbon smoked sea salt and spoon bread mixes, and two gorgeous bourbon and chocolate pecan tarts from our local, award-winning pastry chef, Leslie McLaughlin. I got a chance to attach one of my favorite quick recipes for Low Country Shrimp Ettouffee over Spoon Bread with my signature Low Country Piquant Seasoning. It was such a hit and I was so pleased to show it off!

The Chestnut Hill Historical Society does so many wonderful things for the community including the preservation of our historical records, maps and photos and their easement program that protects the Wissahickon watershed and the Fairmount Park in our backyards. It was so exciting to be a part of the festivities that help raise funds for such a great cause in our community. (And I got to wear a really big hat!)