Recent Inspiration

It has been quite a while since I last posted but there is a lot coming down the pipe line right now. First, I'll catch you up, I've spent the last five weeks at a Design Internship and it has been great. I've recently adopted a dog which is also awesome but the two combined have taken up most of my time. But both are yielding a great amount of inspiration along with the following:

Neutraface Thin from House Industries, I love this font and can't wait to find a project that fits it.

French Stationery Set from Present and Correct. I love the colors and bold shapes.

Superior Leather Keychains. I love the leather and stamped metal. I bought one in NYC and the belt hook is always useful.

Sean Sprague Photography. The Rock and Roll subject matter and the de-saturated colour schemes are amazing.

I have lots to post about too many ideas to jot down right now. All of this combined should culminate in some amazing projects. What has inspired you today?

New Job: Updates Soon

I haven't posted in a while and it is for a great reason. I started an internship this week and it is awesome! I promise updates and new projects soon!

Take a moment to smell the flowers and enjoy the view.
A photo of flowers in an alley taken last August 2010 by Cassandra Radstaak.