The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

So the countdown to Christmas has begun and all of my gifts are wrapped and ready to go. I had a couple of ideas for Christmas wrap themes this year but the one I decided to go with was a winter wonderland which is quite fitting as it doesn't look like we're going to have a white Christmas. The gifts are wrapped in all white banner paper, the ribbons are neutral yarns and white ribbons, the tags are un-embelished kraft tags and the embellishments are feathers, birds and glittery ornaments.  

Hope you like the photos and that it inspires any last minute wrapping you have to do. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Sullivan & Bleeker At The Underground Food Market

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to experience a new edition to the Toronto food scene - The Underground Food Market. I was able to because of a friend and client – Sullivan & Bleeker. It was a fantastic experience. All of the food was incredible and the cupcakes of course were tops. The Underground Food Market allows the newest and brightest on the food scene to show off there latest tasty bites to the most "in the know" foodies. 

Sullivan & Bleeker's table was fantastic! It was hard to miss and hard to resist all of the pedestals full of their unique cupcake flavours including my personal favourite – S'more. It was such a pleasure to be invited and to see all of their hard work being appreciated by so many eager customers.  

Check out my Portfolio page to see their full brand and check out their website to see all of their delicious confections.

I know that it's been a while but I'm back! I have lots of news and ideas for Christmas and some wedding tid bits to update you on.

food market news

welcome to my dear friends from all parts of the world

Chewie's Family Photo

I'm so excited to share this photo of Chewie and I with all of you.  Chewie is a new addition to our family. She has been with us for about six months and as we all know there is no better way to welcome a new family member then with a photo session. 

This gorgeous photo was taken by a fantastic photographer named Kerry Shaw.  Make sure to check out her website and portfolio.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

As the wedding planning moves along the ideas have started to come together.  With the wedding about ten months away we've picked a date, a theme, a venue, I've got my dress and the save the date cards are almost done.  I've also picked a colour palette - yes a whole palette not just a colour or two.  And this palette of greys, pinks, oranges and purples, along with our vintage modern french theme (inspired by our style and venue) has started the ideas flowing.

And I've started gathering supplies and inspiration.  Above, a delicious grapefruit soda that has a hint pink colour makes me want to serve sodas with striped straws, the grey and white twine will function in a few different ways, and the candy in all the colours of my palette will add a bit of fun and whimsy.

This candy makes me think of beautiful jars filled with sweets and served up with scoops and tongs, with something for everything it's like a self serve candy store.

I don't want to give it all away but a couple hints won't hurt. I hope that other brides and those looking for some fun summer party ideas find inspiration in my palette and ideas.

Working on a Wedding

As some of you know I got engaged in January and it has been a whirlwind ever since. As a graphic designer and stationary addict the idea of planning a wedding and designing invitations is an exciting one but there were things to do first. You have to set a date, find a venue, and design the feeling you want your wedding to have. do we find inspiration? And what do we have to consider? At this point you have to look at where the wedding is going to be, what time of day, how formal, the dress and most important what do you love. After answering all of these questions and considering my ring and dress and time of year I have decided to describe it as


My inspirational group of items include - french macaroons, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, le labo, vintage florals, pops of bright color, and a little glitter. This took some time, we're getting married next spring so the colors of macaroons mixed with grey seemed like the perfect colour palette. My style is a mix of vintage and modern from my clothes to my cocktail ring collection. I want the type on the invites to be modern with some vintage floral illustrations to add romance and whimsy. And lastly I have always loved Audrey Hepburn, Funny Face, Fred Astaire and Motown.

The colors have been chosen and the invitations are in the concept phase. I have a couple things to try will keep you up to date with all of my DIY ideas without giving too much away. What would your dream wedding concept include?

Recent Inspiration

It has been quite a while since I last posted but there is a lot coming down the pipe line right now. First, I'll catch you up, I've spent the last five weeks at a Design Internship and it has been great. I've recently adopted a dog which is also awesome but the two combined have taken up most of my time. But both are yielding a great amount of inspiration along with the following:

Neutraface Thin from House Industries, I love this font and can't wait to find a project that fits it.

French Stationery Set from Present and Correct. I love the colors and bold shapes.

Superior Leather Keychains. I love the leather and stamped metal. I bought one in NYC and the belt hook is always useful.

Sean Sprague Photography. The Rock and Roll subject matter and the de-saturated colour schemes are amazing.

I have lots to post about too many ideas to jot down right now. All of this combined should culminate in some amazing projects. What has inspired you today?

New Job: Updates Soon

I haven't posted in a while and it is for a great reason. I started an internship this week and it is awesome! I promise updates and new projects soon!

Take a moment to smell the flowers and enjoy the view.
A photo of flowers in an alley taken last August 2010 by Cassandra Radstaak.

Home Again

Our trip to New York was wonderful. It was...

...covered in snow...

...full of good food...

...filled with stationary fun....and...

...filled with joy! I didn't think I could love New York any more then I did but after this trip I learned it was possible.

Goin' On A Trip

{travel essentials}

When you go away for a week or even a weekend it is important to bring things that will keep entertained while on a plane (train or car), something to read, and something that will make you feel at home. These items evolve over time and with gained travel experience. Here are some of mine and Aaron's (I figured out his from years of observation).

For Him:
- A stylish toiletry bag (I made him this one for Christmas)
- A good magazine
- Playing cards
- A men's essentials kit (comb, scissors and nail clippers)
- A bottle opener

For Her:
- Notebooks and Paper
- Bubble gum
- Travel size products (Static Guard - Don't forget it)
- Newspapers and Magazine (New Monocle Newspaper!)
- My trusty Travel Organizer

A travel organizer is very important for me, I have to have everything in the same place or I am bound to forget something. This one (that I made) has space for passports, travel documents, a notebook and a pen. I am much more prepared for Check In and Security with this pouch and it fits nicely into my carry on.

Are there any travel items that you find essential? I'm always looking for new items and tips!

Make: Punk Rock Chic

Inspired by Rock and Roll and Hermes I came up with this bracelet. I love studded items and wanted to find a way to incorporate them into the everyday without looking cheesy.

You will need:
- 1/2" wide leather strapping
- pyramid studs
- embroidery floss
- a flat head screw driver, utility knife, hammer and punch
(if you don't have a punch you can use a drill with a small bit)

Cut a length of strapping to fit your wrist. Now get studding. The studs fit perfectly around the strapping and with a little help from the screwdriver the prongs easily bend.

Next, punch the holes for your embroidery floss ties. Mine are about a 1/4" in and centred.

Last, thread two lengths of embroidery floss through each hole and tie a knot. I also knotted the end of each strand of embroidery floss to keep it from unraveling.

Tie it on and you're done! It is a great gift and easy to make for yourself or a friend. Now you can add a touch of Rock and Roll to any outfit without it looking cheesy or over the top.

Don't Waste the Proof

This past Christmas I gave my Mom a gift that I was more excited about then any other gift I have ever given. During a trip home in the fall I was looking through some photos with my Mom and found a beautiful snapshot of my grandparents from before they were married. I knew that we needed to preserve some of these photos so I brought a couple home with me with the promise of digital files. My real plan was to scan the photo, touch up all the cracks and creases, enlarge it, have it printed on archival paper and have it framed. It turned out beautiful and was the focus of conversation for much of the holiday.

Part of the printing process was the approval of a proof, the proof was in itself beautiful and I had to come up with a way to display it. The proof included a section of the full size image and a full size snapshot. Below is how I took the proof and found a way to display it.

Above are the materials I used - the proof, a piece of mat board, a ruler, utility knife, some photo corners and a frame.

Next, I took some measurements - the frame, the photo and the border factor. I decided to just use the large portion.

I trimmed the photo and picked the larger photo corners. I moved the photo around and took some measurements and used the eraser and knife to hold it in place while I attached the corners.

Place it in the frame et viola! A beautiful piece of art with a great story.

Winter Wonderland

{These are the people in my neighbourhood}

I live in a very interesting neighbourhood in Toronto. It is just above downtown and feels like a real neighbourhood. In the last couple of days it has snowed more then it has all winter so I went for a walk and took some pictures to show what winter is like in my neighbourhood.

(taken with a Nikon with the Diana+ lens)

First, a woman cross country skiing down the sidewalk. Not something you expect to see in the city.

(taken with my iPhone with a Retro Camera App)

Next, a couple of blocks over is a house with a giant elephant in their front yard, covered in snow. Not it's usual habitat.

(taken with my Nikon)

One of my favourite houses in the neighbourhood the greek house. Good anytime of year but even better covered in a blanket of snow - like a gingerbread house. What makes your neighbourhood unique?

New Year. New Stationary.

A new year means a new start and new stationary. I had a wonderful Christmas and recieved some beautiful things to start 2011 off right.

Together all of my new paper goodies have a feeling of glamour (the gold binder and lacroix notebook and postcards) and rock and roll (my biker notebook).

But the most exciting part is the L Letterpress that I received. Above are a couple of my first attempts and below the magical machine. I have not even scratched the surface yet. The best part is that you can order custom plates for a reasonable price.

I'm so excited for a new year and all of the opportunities that it brings. Get ready for a new year of crafts, design and hand written notes.