You Are Unbelievable! Yes, You!

I am so completely blown away by the support that you have shown me since the Chestnut Hill Local story ran last week. So many of my friends and neighbors have called, emailed, stopped me in the street to offer words of encouragement, enthusiasm and support. For those of you I know and those of you that I hope to know very soon, thank you!!!!

Please let me share with you here some of the really wonderful comments that you left as you signed up for our mailing list:

I can't wait for your market to open. My wife and I have 2 young boys (2 and 4 months) and this is JUST what we always wanted.

Just checked your site out. Outstanding - I cannot wait for your store to be a part of the Chestnut Hill community!! Kudos to you for your fine taste and green approach.

I'm ready for you. With grown children and a busy career I need more than chinese take out. Good luck, I'll be in.

Very excited about your store .... Your idea about curbside delivery is awesome-best of luck.

I read about your endeavor in the CH Local today and am excited that you will be opening. I was very encouraged seeing the architectural renderings of the space on your website. It appears that you have an appreciation of good design and care about the look and feel of your store. I wish you much success.

Great article, great placement. Impressive! Congratulations!

I was thrilled to read about your upcoming store ... I live in Flourtown but am in Chestnut Hill all the time (my child goes to Springside School) and I grew up in Chestnut Hill too. I love your concept. As a mother of three children, the idea of getting the three of them into and out of the store, coming home and making a delicious dinner - seems overwhelming - you are onto something. Best of luck!

Can't wait for you to open!

Looking forward to shopping at your store.

Congrats on the wonderful article and awesome play Good Food Market got in the Local. I'm so happy for you and wish you the best of luck! Can't wait till it opens!

Mazel Tov & good luck!

Even though I live in Ambler I spend a lot of time in Chestnut Hill as I pick up my grandsons at Chestnut Hill Academy several days a week. Will look forward to the opening of your market, which sounds very exciting and just what the community needs, and will tell my friends about it. Best of luck with it.

This is a GREAT idea. In the UK, where I'm from, there is a similar concept in the Marks & Spencer convenience stores. Their food is delicious, often pre-prepared (chilled or frozen) but rather pricey. You might want to take a look at their. I hate cooking, am useless at it, and yet am for some reason always the one in charge of shopping and putting meals on the table for myself, husband and two young girls. I run out of ideas for nutritious, easy, quick meals fast and we often eat the same thing. I'd love to go organic and support local suppliers but am concerned about breaking the bank doing so. Anything you can do to help me feed my family with healthy, tasty, well-priced food would be GREATLY appreciated!! Good luck. I'll be following your progress.

Looking forward to a new neighborhood store!