Happy New Year!

This year, I'm trying to keep my New Year's Resolution list small and manageable.

1. Build upon our local commitment.  Part of our business plan is to make Chestnut Hill greener and a closer-knit community.  We want to expand our local vendor list, we want to encourage more walk-in traffic, we want to support local charities and community building organizations.  This will be a fun task!

2. Expand our "well-stocked pantry" selection.  GFM is all about the quick convenience of a little of everything.  We see the occasional holes on our shelves and dream of what fabulousness should go there.  Very soon, we will expand our allergy, diet-restriction and special needs section into its own department!  We are expanding our own frozen foods line of ready-made meals and desserts.  We are growing our conventional and affordable selections in each category so there is a little something for everyone at prices everyone can afford.

3. Stress less and appreciate more.  A new business has a lot of challenges, flaws, opportunities and uncertainties.  They can become overwhelming at times.  I want to roll with the punches more and take more time to celebrate the successes, however small, with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

We hope that Good Food Market can help you reach and achieve your New Year's Resolutions as a local resource with healthy food choices, green products, and neighbors who care.

Here's to a joyful, healthy and happy 2010!