Interesting Weeks in the Dog Days

We have had such a crazy busy few weeks that writing here seems overwhelming. But, if you are following me here, I'm sure you just can't stand waiting to hear the latest and the greatest so...

The landlord's crew has finally begun the construction of my beautiful "vanilla box" so I can start to plan when my fit-in can take place. My biggest thrill was the pre-existing boarded up skylight holes were replaced with *gasp* beautiful, bright skylights! New insulation on the roof and a watertight seal is also very exciting but not quite as dramatic. They have also begun pouring the new sidewalk with the treewells. I expect that to be spectacular too when its all done.

Most neighbors have been fantastically supportive! The several emails and phone calls of support I receive EACH DAY always help me keep the negative strays in perspective and they allow me some peace.

I have been speaking with so many people who live and work around the shop & they have given me some wonderful suggestions! 1. I never thought about distributing a lunch menu, but of course that makes sense! 2. We will show the nutritional values and calorie count for all our prepared foods and sandwiches on the food labels but also in the aforementioned menu! 3. And Weightwatcher points too!

We are working feverishly to get all the pieces together for a soft opening for friends and family in late August. That's a lot of staffing, equipment buying, menu planning and food, glorious food!

Our prepared food menu survey has one more week before we close and announce our opening menu selection. If you haven't recorded your vote, you may want to do so now: I think that will be my next blog.