Unanimous Approval From Chestnut Hill Community Association

Last night, I stood before the Chestnut Hill Community Association and received unanimous support for Good Food Market's variance to sell coffee and gelato and to prepare sandwiches and salads for take-out. It was such a relief.

And now that this small, but excruciatingly painful, hurdle is over, I have this very surprisingly odd emotion bubbling over. I feel lucky. Not that it passed, not that I survived but lucky that I actually had to GO THROUGH this experience. Crazy, huh?!

At first, I was worried it was some sort of perversion or post-traumatic symptoms. Now, I realize I had an opportunity that few ever realize. I had people champion my dream!

How many times have I whined to myself that when the going gets tough, I'm all alone? I think that was my mantra through high school. But here I was, fighting for survival and feeling very insecure when I suddenly looked up and saw this incredible sea of support.

And it kept coming! Friends, family, neighbors and complete strangers in waves of emails, stopping me in the street, attending long heated meetings. This was a long and painful process for me and when I couldn't stand it anymore and couldn't possibly believe anyone else could be expected to stand firm, you were still there. And there were more of you standing there than at the last count.

I hope that everyone gets a chance in their life to experience this feeling of community, of support, of trust. If this is the only success that I have with this venture, it is worth it. This is the golden ring that you strive for when you set off on a crazy adventure like this. I hope I can articulate it to my girls one day.